Friday, October 24, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday

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They have brought back Puppy Surprise!!! Did anyone else have these when they were younger? My sister's and I all had them and were obsessed. I grabbed one of these the other day for Carsyn for Christmas. I hope she loves it just as much as I did. My fingers are crossed for a litter of 5...  we will see come Dec 25th =)


Last weekend we went to Blake's Apple Orchard to pick out a pumpkin and indulge in cider & donuts. We had a really good time but it was super cold so all the baby wanted to do was sit in her stroller under her blankets. (Wish she did that at Disney) we went through the corn maze, explored the haunted house, fed animals in the petting barn and bounced a little bit in the bounce house. Orchards have got to be one of the best parts of Fall =)


This weekend (Saturday) we have tickets to the Greenfield Village Halloween Event. We are going with my sister & her family. It starts at 7pm so we are  planning a dinner at PF Chang's before. I'm pretty excited. We have always done Greenfield Village at Christmas time so the Halloween Event will be something new to us. I have heard that it's a good one. Carsyn is dressing up so I'm looking forward to that too.  Let the fun begin =)


Wednesday & Thursday we went looking for furniture for the basement. We have been working on finishing our basement and figured the furniture would take a few weeks to come in so we went to order it. Well... it will be to our house on Wednesday. Hmmm.  That will definitely give us a swift kick in the booties to prepare. =) I am very happy with the furniture we chose and think it will accent the log walls nicely. 


Did anyone watch the Melissa and Joey Season Premiere/Halloween Episode on Wednesday??? My hubby and I LOVE this show and are so happy it's finally back on. If you haven't watched it, it's on ABC Family on Wednesday Nights. These two seriously have the best onscreen chemistry.

Hope everyone has a Safe & Festive weekend!!!!

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