Friday, August 29, 2014

blabla kids Labor Day Sale

My daughter LOVES her blabla dolls. I was worried that with the cost they wouldn't be worth it. However, since she got them she won't put then down. Nothing melts my heart like when she holds their arms and drags them around the house. So cute. They are also extremely well made & with such detail.

So the other day I received an email for Blabla Kids Labor Day Sale.
 Use Coupon Code: laborday14 to receive 20% off.

So head on over to & get some holiday shopping done :)  These dolls would be great if you have to mail a present because they weigh practically nothing!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

$$$Holiday Spending$$$

How much is too much and how much is too little. I'm curious to hear from readers what they spend on each child for Christmas Gifts. And also how much they spend on the whole holiday season (food, plays, charities, extended family gifts, etc. It adds up)

Last year was our first year playing Santa. We follow my families gift tradition: Mom and Dad put gifts under the tree and Santa leaves gifts piled up in front of the fireplace. So it's very easy to spend a lot & go over the budget this way.

This year I downloaded an app to help keep me organized in the gift department. I'm able to categorize what I have bought for people, gift ideas and my budget. How do all of you keep organized??? Do you commonly go over the budget???

I plan on keeping track of ALL my Christmas expenses and adding then up after the holiday to get the Total KaBang!!!! This will include EVERYTHING. (Examples: extra ornament hooks, postage stamps, Christmas Portraits, tape, wrapping paper, bows, All gifts, ornaments, cookie ingredients, admissions into our favorite holiday attractions)

This year I plan to cut back on the niece and nephew spending. We normally spend $100 on each niece or nephew (3) but this year I'm budgeting $75/child. So since  I am decreasing the spending on them, I plan to bargain shop like crazy with their $75. For my one niece I actually just ordered the American Girl Chalet (regularly $150... for $60) :)

If your budgets are tight do you work like hell to bargain shop with that money?? Do any of you wait to shop for Christmas on Black Friday or do you get started early like I do???

Did anyone take advantage of the Fisher-Price Christmas in July Sale???? I got the Little People Ariel Grotto for $15! And some other random good deals :) you know... Minnie Mouse Stuff. Mostly everything on sale was 50% off. I usually only buy if I am getting some sort of deal... some exceptions though (blabla dolls seem to never go on sale and I just picked up Suzanne & Josephine for C's bday)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer Time Camping

This summer we did a ton of camping in our lil popup camper. We actually bought the popup right after we got married and used it twice. This summer we got some use out of it and spent some time up at Higgins Lake. The weather was beautiful and Miss Carsyn is a natural camper :)

We enjoyed shopping, campfires, walks, ice cream and the beach!

How did you all spend your Christmas in July???

Thursday, August 14, 2014

First Birthday Party!

I have been missing for awhile from the Blog world. I have been checking in each morning to read some of my favorite blogs with my morning cup of coffee. But, as for having the time to upload pictures and type up my thoughts.... well I had too many other things on my plate. I'm hoping things can finally slow down around here with the coming of Fall :) and hopefully do some regular posting. (Fingers Crossed)

 Although I was sad to have my baby girl already turning 1... it was nice to get the party over and out of my hair. (The reason for said absence)

Carsyn turned ONE at the beginning of August & we celebrate with a Pink Birthday at a Local Water Park :) We rented a pavilion and had AWESOME weather. In my opinion a little too hot... after food, cake and presents we were all practically running for the Water Park! (Little Miss Carsyn was sooo hot during her "Cake Smash" that it didn't turn out very well. Poor Baby)

(I didn't take my camera into the water park)

Now that the party is over... all we have time for is to play with new toys, relax, enjoy what's left of summer & prepare for our upcoming vacation... AND THEN...  Christmas!