Friday, September 26, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday!

Hey Everyone... I'm throwing this Friday Favorites Post together last minute. I had huge plans to do one last week but I keep getting my days mixed up and start thinking that it's Tuesday when it's really Friday... I am blaming the beautiful fall weather on this.


I have a little over a week before vacation and I am getting all geeked up about it. I'm sure your thinking... "What kinda lady that gets Tuesdays mixed up with Friday's needs a vacay???" Well, this one does! I pulled the luggage up from the basement today... dusted them off & am now saying to myself... "How in the H E Double Hockey Sticks am I going to fit all this SHIT". 

The highlight of this coming trip that earns my numero uno spot on my "Friday Five" is the email I received last week. Disney sent me an email offering me the opportunity to do a fast pass quick service lunch @ Be Our Guest. :)  This was actually a total life saver because I hear it can have quite the line. I actually regretted not making a dinner reservation there about 1 month ago and when I got on to book a reservation... low and behold it was SOLD OUT.


I tried this recipe for Stuffed Pepper Soup the other day (not sure if it was Tuesday or Friday ;) ) and it was AMAZING! I am a huge fan of stuffed peppers so this recipe had me hooked right away. I did add 1 TBSP of soy sauce to the mix and I think it was much needed. I made the whole suggested batch and next time I will definitely cut the recipe in half since there are only three of us. However, it was great left over & didn't last long. My 14 month old loved it and sometimes she can be a little picky.


I have been working on the details for an elf themed tree that I want to do this year.
Here are a few items I ordered this week..

(Elves off of Amazon)

(Elf Legs from Trendy Tree)

.. the elves will just be all over the tree & I plan on using the legs as a sort of tree topper. Stay tuned.


The halloween trees went up last week but are not picture ready yet. Pictures maybe next week. Carsyn and I ventured to Hallmark though and snagged up the new Daisy Duck Witch Ornament for one of the trees. She's super tiny and is kinda hard to see on the tree but was just  too cute to pass up.

I was actually surprised with the number of keepsake halloween ornaments that Hallmark offered this year. If your on the hunt for halloween ornaments (they can be tricky to find) stop by Hallmark.


Yup!!! I'm addicted. Anyone find themselves shoveling these beauties in their mouth?? Candy Corn M&M's are the Hot Diggity Dog!

I'm linking up on this beautiful Tuesday Friday with Karli at September Farm. I absolutely LOVE her blog so go check it out :)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fisher Price Little People Holiday Set Sale

Hop on over to Fisher Price's Website and get some shopping done for Christmas!!! They have all their holiday sets on sale & with free shipping on $35+ you simply can't go wrong. My daughter LOVES her Holiday Little People Sets. Last year I displayed them under the Christmas Tree after we opened up all her gifts and they looked great under there :)

Also be sure to checkout their fall sale area. With the extra code you can get an additional 20% off!!! You can snag some great toys in this area for Christmas too :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

100 Days to Go! The Countdown is ON!!!

Hello All!!! We got 100 Days Until Christmas. Today's task of mine is my 2015 Calender. I like to go on photo processing websites and have a personalized Calendar made each year. Last year I used Shutterfly. So if you do a picture Calendar too... I suggest you log into the website soon and start making some month pages & upload the photos you already have. This will definitely save you from taking the time in December to start the entire thing. (The busiest time of the whole year)I plan to get Jan-Sept done today. ((With a Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand))  I will then just need to finish 3 months before I send her to print. (Oct-Nov-Dec) I have to do it this way because I correspond my pictures with the month... so Carsyn's Christmas pictures from this coming Christmas 2014 will be the pictures for Dec 2015 Calender page.

 If you plan on making one then you should consider starting now. It's so much fun flipping the months to see old pictures of your family. :) These Calendars also make GREAT Christmas Gifts! Even for the hardest to buy for family members. Everyone needs a Calendar. :) Usually around November and December they start releasing coupon codes for discounted calendars.