Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday - A Few "Last Minute" Christmas Gifts

Yes, I consider these toys, Last Minute. I have been done Christmas Shopping for my daughter since September/August. Yes, I have issues. It is nice to get shopping done early but I always find myself adding things to my stockpile later (and spending over my goal...oops) . Anyone else done shopping? What's on your kids Christmas List??? Here is Carsyn's Christmas List


Carsyn is in LOVE with Monsters, Inc the Movie. We gave it to her on Halloween this year (thought the monsters worked well with the holiday) It's the only movie that she will sit through and she giggles right out loud. So last week I ordered her a Plush Boo Doll. I'm hoping she will love it as much as the movie. (FOUND HERE)


Carsyn's cousin Allison has Potato Heads and when we go over to her house, Carsyn makes a B-Line to the Potato Heads. After some major web surfing last week, I found that Kohls has an exclusive set in the cutest little potato bin. I snatched that baby up and it actually came in the mail yesterday. It's super big and super cool!!!! They also carry it in the stores too.. not just online. (FOUND HERE)


One of Carsyn's current favorite toys is her Little People Disney Princesses. So when I saw this I swooned over it and added it quickly to Carsyn's Christmas List. It was quickly picked up by family and I hope Carsyn loves it when she opens it. (FOUND HERE)


Carsyn's new thing is watching her Disney shows on the Kindle. We downloaded a ton of episodes for the plane ride to Disney in October & she has been obsessed ever since. Honestly though, the touch screen is a pain in the ass. She is constantly turning the shows off (freaks out when that happens), restarts the episodes halfway through and gets into the internet to click on God knows what. Our solution comes in this Christmas gift, the Sylvania 10-inch portable DVD Player. We are thinking we will get some good use out of it with plane rides, car rides and when we ho camping with no TV in the summers. The Best part yet is that it's NOT touch screen. Here's to hoping we get our money's worth =)  (FOUND HERE)


I am so excited to see this new episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I preordered my copy yesterday. (FOUND HERE)

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